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About Us

Introducing CLAD Solutions, a newly established company catering to the diverse building market in New Zealand. With a fresh ownership, we specialize in delivering top-quality building materials and comprehensive solutions for Claddings, Linings, and Design for a large variety of projects and situations. 

Swisspearl and Shera Weatherboard used on one project

Who We Are

CLAD Solutions is aiming to be an innovator in the New Zealand building supply market with marketing and sales strategies that will lead the industry. We are looking outside the box and wanting to apply new age sales funnels and marketing campaigns not seen or used by your typical building material supplier. 

Our products are designed to provide quality, efficient and long-lasting solutions for buildings, and we have a team of experienced professionals who are committed to delivering high-quality services and holistic outcomes.

Our main range of fibre cement products are designed to provide high-performance results, we achieve this using products including brands Swisspearl (prefinished) and Shera. These products allow us to supply materials for cladding, wall linings, flooring, and soffits applications.

CLAD Solutions already has strong relationships with architectural practices spanning the whole of New Zealand. We are one of the preferred material and design solutions specified for: 

  • New Residential builds

  • High-end Architectural Residential builds

  • Commercial projects including: Offices, Hotel & Apartment complexes, Supermarkets, and Retail complexes, plus more. 

  • Government projects such as Schools, Hospitals, Fire stations, and Government Housing. 

Our team of experienced professionals are committed to delivering excellent customer service and products to provide a long-lasting and efficient solutions for buildings. We will not stop until we are the number 1 choice for building materials in New Zealand. We have the specialist skills, experience and products to achieve this.

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