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Parklex Prodema

Natural Wood Cladding Redefined

Elevate your facade with Parklex Prodema, the ultimate choice for natural wood cladding. The prefinished HPL core panels feature a stunning natural wood veneer surface finish that other wood-imitation products cannot provide. 


With zero maintenance required, Parklex Prodema combines the timeless beauty of wood with exceptional durability. Protecting against extreme weather conditions, the panels offer long-lasting performance.


Explore the diverse panel ranges, including NATURCLAD-W or NATURCLAD-B for Cladding, NATURSOFFIT-W for Soffits & Ceilings, NATURHARDPANEL-W for Internal Wet Areas, and NATURPANEL-W for Internal Dry Areas.

Parklex Prodema

Natural wood without the maintenance

Discover Parklex Prodema, the perfect choice for natural wood cladding without the hassle of maintenance. NATURCLAD boards are specially designed with a surface composition that protects the wood from extreme weather conditions, eliminating the need for subsequent treatment. 


With proprietary resin-based technology, Parklex Prodema ensures long-lasting performance from day one for NATURHARDPANEL & NATURPANEL. Say goodbye to sanding, lacquering, and oiling—simple cleaning is all that's required. Experience the beauty of natural wood with unmatched convenience.

Parklex Strip Background

Features & Benefits

Natural Wood

Maintenance Free


Exterior Cladding

Ventilated Facade

Resistant to weather conditions

Interior Paneling

Moisture Resistant

Scratch & Impact Resistant

Antibacterial Surface

Reaction to Fire

Exterior Applications

NATURCLAD panels seamlessly integrate into rear-ventilated facades, forming a flawless building envelope that encapsulates both beauty and functionality. The earthy tones of the wood cladding seamlessly merge with the outdoor landscape, forging a harmonious connection with nature. Experience the perfect blend of durability, aesthetics, and environmental harmony.

NATURCLAD panels equipped with modern technology are highly durable, resistance to harsh atmospheric elements like sunlight and pollution and maintenance free.

Parklex Prodema has been tested on the PX support system for all aspects of the NZBC, NZ environment, and exceeded all requirements.