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Redefining Facades, Making Timeless Statement

Experience perfection with Swisspearl, the world's most innovative and extensive range of prefinished through-colour façade panels. Swiss-made and Swiss-engineered for durability, exclusively available through CLAD Solutions.


Make a lasting impression with Swisspearl, a unique and timeless cladding solution that surpasses all others in variety and natural appeal, ensuring its endurance throughout the life of your building.


Vibrant colours without the maintenance

Swisspearl is a prefinished through-colour high-density fibre cement. It is unfair to categorize Swisspearl with a standard medium density fibre cement you may know. Swisspearl comes with some of the purest, densest and environmentally friendly ingredients and manufacturing processes ever seen in the industry. 

They prides itself on the relentless pursuit for the ultimate no maintenance façade panel. They are currently at 32 years of real world durability testing around numerous sites across the world, including New Zealand to ensure the product is suitable for ALL environments. 


Features & Benefits

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Exterior Applications

A building's façade is not only its first impression but also a canvas for architectural creativity and protection. Swisspearl façades offer a harmonious blend of design diversity and enduring functional reliability, for the highest living standards. With the uninterrupted rear ventilation technology, our cladding system ensures long-lasting protection against the elements for decades.


Swisspearl panels are highly durable, resistant to rot, noncombustible,

and virtually maintenance free.

Swisspearl has been tested extensively on the PX support system for all aspects of the NZBC, NZ environment, and exceeded all requirements.