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PX Cavity Rail Support System

High performance rear-ventilated facade system

PX Cavity Rail System
The Rear-ventilated Rain Screen facade

PX40, PX20 & PXR are a ventilated rainscreen cladding with a cavity rail system for fibre cement or HPL cladding panels. It allows for panels to be mounted and provides an expressed joint finish. All systems offer a combination of visual appeal and practicality, making it a suitable choice for contemporary buildings seeking effective cladding solutions.


The PX system incorporates an anodised aluminium rail support system to achieve a certain cavity depth, either 20mm or 40mm. This cavity allows for ventilation and drainage, preventing moisture buildup and improving the overall thermal performance of the building. The system is specially designed for a quick and easy install on standard NZS 3604 timber framing.

Functional and Aesthetic

Cladding panels are attached to the support rails with the concealed adhesive fixing system, creating a clean and high aesthetic finish. Select from prefinished panels offered in a large range of colours and surface textures, only requiring low maintenance, or a plain panel ready for the site applied paint finish of your choice. The system offers architects design flexibility and freedom, as the panels can be customized in terms of size, layout, colour and finish, creating unique facades for the specific project.


The system can be used anywhere in New Zealand including coastal locations and up to extreme wind pressures. Making it suitable for a vast range of building types; residential, education and commercial buildings.


Overall, the rainscreen system provides a cost effective, durable and visually appealing solution for cladding buildings, offering both functional and aesthetic advantages.

Features & Benefits

Rain-screen Cladding with natural bottom to top ventilation

Suitable for buildings over 10m, in conjunction with a PS1