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Shera Weatherboard

Bevelback fibre cement weatherboard

Enduring Elegance, Modern Materials
Classic NZ Style Reimagined

Experience the ideal alternative to traditional wood siding with Shera Weatherboard (plank) Bevelback. It offers unmatched safety, sustainability, and popularity in exterior cladding. 


Made from a unique fibre cement composite, it combines natural fibers in a high-grade silicate structure, resulting in exceptional durability, flexibility, resistance to water, fire, insects and chemical corrosion. With easy workability using standard tools, it is a versatile choice for architects, project developers, and homeowners.


Unlike timber weatherboards, Shera Weatherboards have no LRV restrictions on color choices, allowing for complete creative freedom. Classified as a light wall cladding, it is suitable for residential and light commercial buildings. 


Upgrade your cladding with Shera Weatherboard Bevelback for superior performance and aesthetic appeal.

Shera Weatherboard Strip Background Black

Features & Benefits

Easy to install, paint & maintain

Resistant to all weather conditions

Does not brittle easily

Light wall cladding

Fast installation with Conceal fix

Water and humidity resistant

Does not shrink, distort or warp

15 Year Warranty

Used anywhere in New Zealand

Fire resistant

Standard size

Environmentally-friendly manufacturing

Product Profiles & Sizes

Shera Weatherboard Bevel Profile Size

Both sizes Ex-Stock




15 mm


180mm (150mm cover with 30mm lap) or

150mm (120mm cover with 30mm lap)




smooth, requires a painting system


Concealed or Face fixing

lengths per m2 (approx.)

Bevel 180 = 6.7

Bevel 150 = 8.3

Shera Weatherboard Flat Profile Size

Indent Product

Lead times and minimum order charges may apply.




10 mm


180mm (150mm cover with 30mm lap)




smooth, requires a painting system


Face fixing only

lengths per m2 (approx.)

Bevel 180 = 6.7


BRANZ Appraisal No. 1251

Shera Weatherboard fixed over a drained cavity has been appraised as an external wall cladding for buildings below 10m.

Concealed fix method can be used for buildings situated in NZS 3604 Wind Zones up to and including Very High.


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